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20 Marzo 2024 ore 21.00


  •     Auditorium San Francesco al prato - Perugia    Map
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  • ALESSANDRO DI BATTISTA - Assange - Perugia 2024

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Spectators with disabilities can book by writing to the or calling the number +39 0743222889

Alessandro Di Battista retraces the incredible events of the journalist Julian Assange, founder of the WikiLeaks website and imprisoned for doing his job: to give news.

Since the publication of the secret documents proving the war crimes of several nations, the United States in the lead, the complaints suffered for years as a political refugee in the Embassy of Ecuador in London until the arrest and detention in the English prison of maximum security of Belmarsh.

Assange has not seen the light of day for 12 years and today he risks extradition to the USA and life imprisonment. Di Battista brings his story to the stage, Assange. To strike one to educate one hundred, a story about press freedom in the West, therefore our own freedom. All this in the deafening silence of the mainstream media that have become timid, indolent, conformist. In the world upside down, it’s more serious to expose crimes than to commit them.

Event organizer:MEA Concerti srl

Auditorium San Francesco al Prato - Perugia

A rediscovered space for the city of Perugia which wanted to return one of the most significant monuments to its citizens. The ancient deconsecrated church in the center of Perugia, thanks to careful conservative restoration. it is now an auditorium and conference center designed to offer maximum flexibility and host musical and theatrical events, shows and conferences. The stalls are divided into three sectors: the main nave and the two transepts with a total of 512 seats.

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