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19 Aprile 2024 ore 21.30


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  • BEN FROST live + AFTER-SHOW - Foligno 2024

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Dancity Echoes | 19 04 2024


Continuity, resonance, amplification. The new Dancity Echoes series will open with a special preview: Ben Frost's live performance "Tuning The Prism", new album on MUTE Records. Friday 19 April at the Hangar Club in Foligno. Composer, producer, member of the Icelandic music collective and record label Bedroom Community. His music is characterized by contrast; Influenced as much by classical minimalism as punk rock and metal, her pulsating guitar-based textures emerge from nowhere and slowly coagulate into enormous, forbidding forms that often eschew conventional structures in favor of the inevitable unfolding of vast mechanical systems.

Event organizer:Associazione Culturale Dancity

Hangar Club - Foligno

The Hangar Club of Foligno is a club opened recently, in 2019, in the La Paciana area, quickly positioning itself as one of the most important meeting points for clubbing in central Italy.

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