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14 Aprile 2024 ore 17:00

L'USIGNOLO - Manini Kids 2024

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  • L'USIGNOLO - Manini Kids 2024

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Among the thousand attractions of the splendid imperial gardens there is one that surpasses all the others: it is the song of the nightingale, so sweet as to melt the tears of the Emperor. Soon, however, the nightingale is replaced by a mechanical and forgotten bird. However, it is his own song that will save the Sovereign, who fell seriously ill after breaking the mechanical nightingale.

The story is narrated by a gallery of comic, tragic, grotesque characters played by the only actor on stage, while the evocative and poetic images evoked by the theater of shadows cross the story carrying the viewer into an enchanted dimension.

Event organizer: Associazione Culturale Ingranaggi

Teatro Manini - Narni

The Municipal Theater of Narni is located at the end of Via Garibaldi, in front of the building that housed the Cassa di Risparmio. Designed by the architect Giovanni Santini, it was inaugurated in 1856. The Manini is a classic "Italian-style theatre" with three tiers of boxes - 17 per row - a gallery, an auditorium and has a capacity of 300 seats. The theater hosts a continuous series of events including concerts, theatrical performances and prose.

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