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14 Aprile 2024 ore 18:00

PLAZA SUITE - Corrado Tedeschi e Debora Caprioglio

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  • PLAZA SUITE -  Corrado Tedeschi e Debora Caprioglio

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“Ah, if these walls could talk…!” how many times have we heard it said or thought it ourselves. Well, Neil

Simon did it: he made a room talk; a suite at the Hotel Plaza. But here in the title the "protagonist" is one

suite (symbol of success and social fulfillment). And the suites, as we know, have seen all sorts of things, but they can't

speak; unless… you are in the theatre; where the people who lived there can speak for them. But most of all

that these people are played by actors with names synonymous with skill and reliability; like, after all, that one

of the author (Simon is the most represented modern author in the world.). Corrado Tedeschi and Debora Caprioglio

they play three (different) couples, in three (different) situations, in a suite (the same) of a hotel considered to be Olympus:

the home of the Gods. Luxury, comfort, well-being which however do not prevent embarrassments, problems, stumbles. Three couples here

different, three different couple problems with a single common thread: a room in the Plaza Hotel in New York. The first

episode represents the crisis of the couple which leads to betrayal and separation. The two spouses meet again in the

same Suite as their honeymoon and try to revive the now definitively dead marriage. In the second

episode the protagonist couple is clandestine, two old classmates: he is a famous producer, she is happy

"model wife" and the room is always their meeting place after years. The third episode is the most hilarious. A

couple, worn out by time, trying to convince their daughter to get married. But the day set to celebrate the wedding, the

The bride-to-be locks herself in the bathroom and doesn't want to come out.

In a comedy, representing the stumbling of any person can already make you smile but if these inconveniences are there

lives those who we would never have thought were victims of it the situation becomes hilarious. Behind the pure and high entertainment

ensured by Simon's comedies there is always the harsh truth of life. A harshness that popular wisdom

he fought with the wise saying: “Sing whatever you want”. Simon seems to tell us instead: "Laugh, laugh, laugh... what's wrong with you!".

Ennio Coltorti

Event organizer:SKYLINE SRL

Teatro San Leonardo - Viterbo

The San Leonardo Theater is located along one of the main connecting arteries of the city of Viterbo. Via Cavour connects Porta Romana to Piazza del Plebiscito, acting as a hinge between the charming medieval village of San Pellegrino and the city center. The San Leonardo Theater is considered one of the many architectural wonders of the city of Viterbo, precious for the historicity of the place and for the charm of its redevelopment as a center for artistic diffusion in the area. The Theater can accommodate 315 people and is divided into three audiences.

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