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Ponte d’Augusto - Narni

Ponte d’Augusto - Narni

A bridge to eternity. A window into history. A terrace on wonder.

The Augustus Bridge is the symbol of Narni and the synthesis of a two-thousand-year history made of majesty, beauty and ruin.

Imposing memory of a now distant glorious past that stands in the midst of greenery, appearing like a suspended transit, an unfinished power.

accessibility quality indicators

Site reachability

It is possible to park directly next to the Ponte d'Augusto along the Strada di Funara which joins the SS. 3 Flaminia near the Tre Ponti area

Integration with the transport infrastructure network (road, railway, airport intermodality)

The site is about 1 km on foot from the Narni Amelia railway station, but the route is not entirely usable independently (mixed terrain sections, variable planimetric trend with slopes even > 5% and irregular/loose surfaces)

Presence of aids and measures for sensory disabilities