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Dal 8 al 11 Maggio 2024

CALENDIMAGGIO di Assisi 2024 - Abbonamento

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  • CALENDIMAGGIO di Assisi 2024 - Abbonamento

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Questo abbonamento da diritto alla visione di:

-         CONSEGNA DELLE CHIAVI del 08/05/24 ore 16.00

-         MADONNA PRIMAVERA 09/05/24 ore 16.00

-        Corteo della Sera LA TENZONE 10/05/24 ore 21.30

-         LA SFIDA 11/05/24 ore 16.00

-         IL CANTO E ASSEGNAZIONE DEL PALIO 11/05/24 ore 21.30

 Animali non ammessi sul palco

LO SPETTACOLO di venerdì 10 maggio ore 15.30 Fuori Abbonamento

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Event organizer:Ente Calendimaggio di Assisi

Piazza del Comune - Assisi

The Piazza del Comune has always been the fulcrum of the social and cultural life of Assisi. It is no coincidence that all the main roads coming from the city gates converge at this point.Located above a Roman Forum, in the Middle Ages it was the place of popular gatherings, and consequently the most important buildings of city life were built here: the Temple of Minerva, the first seat of the municipality of Assisi - which was subsequently moved to the Palazzo dei Priori, the Palace of the Captain of the People and the Tower of the People.Thus, by placing yourself in the center of the square and turning around, it is possible to read the entire history of the city through the succession and intertwining of the different eras. Every year in the month of May, in the Piazza del Comune, a festival takes place whose origins are lost in time: Calendimaggio.

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