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20 Ottobre 2024 ore 21:00


  •     Teatro Lyrick - S. Maria degli Angeli - Assisi (PG)    Map
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After participating in the Sanremo Festival with "Ti muovi" - an intense and energetic ballad - and on the occasion of the announcement of the tour in the theaters, the singer-songwriter is ready for a new musical chapter that contains and celebrates the live dimension. For this in the spring will release an album made with a reverse process, which is different from the classic method: Diodato, in fact, has chosen to record live a record that captures and crystallizes the emotions of live and all the energy that has lived on stages throughout Italy in recent years, giving new life to some of his repertoire.

Event organizer: Associazione Culturale Riverock

Teatro Lyrick - S. Maria degli Angeli

The Lyrick Theatre, located in Santa Maria degli Angeli, Assisi, was inaugurated in May 2000. This theater structure emerged from the former industrial chemical department of Montedison, a 1950s project by the renowned architect Morandi, a pupil of the illustrious engineer Pier Luigi Nervi, thanks to the initiative of the American entrepreneur Richard Leach. Considered one of the most modern and fascinating municipal theaters in Italy, the Lyrick Theater boasts a 1000-seat audience and a large stage. For more than a decade, the Lyrick Theater stage has hosted the most acclaimed national and international theater productions. Currently, the theater is under the ownership and management of the Municipality of Assisi. The stalls of the Lyrick Theater have 1000 seats, divided into three sectors.

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