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September 7 2024 at 9.00 pm

Nicola Piovani-Massimo Mercelli e Orchestra Filarmonica Vittorio Calamani

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  • Nicola Piovani-Massimo Mercelli e Orchestra Filarmonica Vittorio Calamani

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Nicola Piovani, director

Massimo Mercelli, flute

Vittorio Calamani Philharmonic Orchestra

Tre Phenomeni is a refined web of musical references, where the famous pieces by Antonio Vivaldi, La Tempesta di Mare, La Notte and Il Gardellino, join three original and new compositions, inspired by them, for flute and small orchestra written by Nicola Piovani : Tsunami, Lunar Eclipse and La Tortorella. Piovani has composed three concerts that maintain the same personnel, the same starting tones and durations as the more famous sister pieces, allowing himself some small exceptions. In his compositions, Vivaldi's virtuosity is exalted, not as a tool to cover a void of ideas, but as an athletic doodle capable of narrating and conveying the emotional contents intrinsic to the compositions. Thanks to the mastery of the Calamani orchestra, the solo flute of Massimo Mercelli and the direction of Nicola Piovani, Tre Fenomeni is configured as a tribute to nature and to a great artist of the past, whose modernity is still disconcerting today.

Event organizer:Ass. Festival del cavaliere

Teatro Mancinelli - Orvieto

The Mancinelli Theater is an important artistic and historical symbol of the city of Orvieto. Located in the center, a short distance from the Duomo and the main square, it was inaugurated in 1863. The hall, with the shape of an Italian theatre, has four tiers of stages, a loggia and has a horseshoe plan . It can accommodate approximately 600 people.

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